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Feb 9 12 11:29 AM

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I just recently started studying Korean and wish to, one day, speak it fluently. Does anyone have worksheets we can exchange, or educational websites that might help?

I also need a detailed chart of the Korean alphabet and how to use it.

Thank you!

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Apr 21 12 3:07 AM

Sorry for the late reply to this question.  I have been using TTMK Talk to Me in Korean, which has some great videos you can add to your ipod or iphone or any phone that has apps.  The videos a re really fun and the team are great at encouraging you to learn Korean.  As well as the videos they have mp3 tracks and textbooks and vocab pages you can buy or download.

I have been taking lessons from a student here in Perth and he recommended I buy a book from Curint Univ.  The book is really good and has a lot of grammar notes. I have had 4 lessons so far and can already read the korean symbols.  I am really willing to email you lessons from the book if you would liketo email me.


I have downloaded a lot of apps too.  One is called Tell Me and you can type in any Korean word and it will tell you how to pronounce it.  It isnt a dictionary so it wont tell you what the word means,,,but you can get many translators o go with your ipod/phone.

Good luck



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Apr 21 12 10:08 PM

I found a free text book from Australia online it may be the one you're talking about.  I'll see if I still have it.  It isn't overly easy to read but every little bit helps. I'll look for it see if I can find it.

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