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May 2 11 12:42 PM

He should just rip that shirt offff and be done with it!!!!!!
Who's with me?
G.O. Rippppppppppp ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

LluviaK0r3@n@ Oh Mika, Mika. I like you more and more ;-)

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Jul 5 11 2:06 PM

MBLAQ check: G.O’s Even in My Dreams MV (cross posted from blog)
~ Cloud cover by: Terri, Managing Editor :-}
Clouds and A+s,
From J.Tune Camp, we bring you G.O’s new MV, Even in my Dreams.
This time, it’s a story brilliantly presented in pictures, where G.O’s flawless vocals will leave you breathless and the ending will break your heart.
Way to go, G.O!
Terri :-}
[Video courtesy of jtunecamp on YouTube]

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Jul 5 11 2:29 PM

Awww so cute!!! Love everything!!' Lol!!!
On a side note Mir's smile was amazing!! Very happy to see him healthy again!

"Your heart is special"-

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Aug 3 11 5:10 PM

isn't this the sweetest song you ever heard?  sweet and yep, sad.  maybe next time G.O. will write about a man who speaks out to his lady about how he feels before someone else gets to her.....i'm looking forward to more from him.  so this is his first self composed song, i'm loving the freedom that JTune Camp is giving MBLAQ so that they can spread their wings.  they all are so special with individual talents.  waiting to see more.

btw,  i thought Thunder composed a song on one of MBLAQ's cd.  does anyone know what it was or where i can hear it?

plus, i've been watching G.O.'s outstanding performances on Immortal Song 2.  he said he never took any kind of voice or singing lessons. that he just sang along while listening to artist's music. said he used to ask himself "what kind of voice is this?" because he didn't understand his own sound....this guy has been given a beautiful natural gift.

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Mar 10 12 9:50 PM

The pic of him and Rain their little smiles are almost the same.  Adorable.....  I gotta say I love the facial hair and love the ones with out---- hot either way grin

Pixxie "Love my Fruit on the Go" Love Rain's hands and everything connected to them July 2013/December 2013 can't wait!

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Jun 5 13 3:05 PM

I don't know if it's a little late and someone has already told you, but Thunder composed the song ''YOU'' that was released on their album ''Blaq Style 3D'' edition

A lonely Faroese cloud ;o)

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