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Nov 27 13 6:52 PM

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So lovely ladies!  Terri and Steph you probably already know about this but Rain is due to act in a Hollywood.  The movie is called The Prince..  No our Prince is not "The Prince".  
Here is the scoop on it below.Singer and actor Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) decided to star in a Hollywood movie, "The Prince," working hard soon after the completion of his military services.According to American news media Deadline today, Rain is to star in the new movie, "The Prince," of Brian A. Miller, who filmed "Rising Sun.""The Prince" is an action movie of Paul, a retired Las Vegas gang member, fighting with his enemies from the past after his daughter is kidnapped from them. Rain is to film the movie with Bruce Willis, John Cusack, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Jason Patric. Jason Patric plays Paul, the retired killer whose daughter is kidnapped, and Bruce Willis plays the character who kidnaps Paul's daughter, planning to take revenge on him. Rain's role is yet to be determined.

"The Prince" is to start filming in Alabama in December of this year, and premiere in 2014.

Always Rain4Flowers

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Dec 2 13 6:29 PM

I'm assuming you all have already seen this pic...Rain took a photo of his trailer the other day.  See his shadow?  He's not as sneaky as he thinks.  LOL.

Terri :-}


Cloud USA

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Dec 9 13 7:47 PM

So we've seen a couple photos of Rain on set so far and I'm totally fangirling to the extreme every time a new picture gets posted online. Anyone else feeling that way? imageimage

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Dec 28 13 2:04 PM

He has as of now already started filming and he is playing the character of Mark you can see it in the episodes of Rain effect, I am so looking forward for this movie my fangirl is officially out of the bag LOL

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